Moving and Handling in a Childcare Setting Course

Moving and Handling in a Childcare Setting Course

Designed to reduce the chance of childcare professionals suffering avoidable back injuries, this course aims to educate attendees about the importance of site specific risk assessment.

All attendees will leave with an understanding of the safety measures and legalities involved with manual handling in a childcare setting.

Who should attend

  • Any staff member who is required to move, carry, pull, handle or push objects in the childcare setting
  • A person who is committed to showing potential employers they have studied for workplace qualifications

Course syllabus

  • The Regulations
  • Responsibilities under The Regulations
  • Anatomy
  • Results of poor handling
  • Risk Assessing
  • Safer lifting and handling techniques

Course duration

  • Three hours
  • Courses¬†can be run daytime or evening
  • Weekend courses can be arranged for your group


  • Continuous, unobtrusive assessment by trainer


  • A certificate which shows attendance at the training session. This is valid for one year.

Special Consideration

  • It is the responsibility of the student that they are physically fit before they attend this course as there will be some practical activities.


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