Level 1 Award in Hazard Awareness Course

Level 1 Award in Hazard Awareness Course

This qualification is principally aimed at young people to raise their ability to identify and understand ‘Hazards’ in preparation for work experience and beginning employment. It is also relevant for workers in all general work settings.

This award provides an introduction to the fundamentals of Health & Safety in the Workplace and is mapped to relevant elements of the National Occupational Standards for Health & Safety Knowledge Unit  “HSK1” (Basic Hazard Awareness) as published (April 2007) by the Standards Setting Body “ENTO”.

It has also been designed to contribute to the foundation learning tier (FLT) development work initiated by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and the Learning Skills Council (LSC).

Holders of this qualification will have a general understanding of Health and Safety, accident reporting and record keeping, the working environment and personal protective equipment.

Who should attend

  • Those about to commence work experience
  • Job seekers who wish to add a desirable Qualification to their CV

Course syllabus

  • General introduction to Health & Safety
  • Hazards & Accidents, and reporting and record
  • The working environment
  • Personal protective equipment

Course duration

  • One eight hour day
  • Courses can be arranged for weekends as well as week days


  • A 20 question multiple choice question paper (may be conducted orally)
  • Candidates must achieve thirteen or more correct answers to be awarded the certificate
  • Candidates must achieve seventeen or more correct answers to be awarded the certificate with credit
  • On successful completion, students will be awarded a Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) certificate


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