Drug & Alcohol Screening Service

Alcohol is estimated to cause 8 to 14 million lost working days in the United Kingdom each year (source-Health & Safety Executive).  There are well documented links between alcohol and drug misuse and impairments in cognition, perception, and motor skills.  The cost to industry in loss of working days, safety issues, accident rectification and damage to reputation from drug and alcohol misuse is immense.

A good Drug & Alcohol Policy combined with random drug and alcohol screening can assist in:

  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Supporting staff with any drug or alcohol addiction they may have and therefore assist in treating this health issue so the staff member returns to full productivity
  • Reducing accidents in the workplace and company vehicles
  • Reducing sickness and temporary staff costs
  • Better corporate image
  • Increased productivity

Services Offered

At MGM Training, our experts can assist with development, implementation and review of your Drug & Alcohol Policy.  Once established, we can provide your pre-employment, random, scheduled, for cause and post incident drug and alcohol screening.

Policy Development

A full, formally implemented policy is imperative to the whole system of Drug & Alcohol health and safety.  We can advise on your current policy or help to create a new comprehensive policy which fits your business needs.


Our professional Drug & Alcohol Screeners can attend your site to perform Random, Pre-Employment, For Cause (where signs of abuse have been spotted), or Post Incident alcohol and drug testing.  In the case of random screening, our Screeners will offer to select the test subjects to provide a non-discriminatory random selection.

Should a positive test be provided, our Drug & Alcohol Screener will follow professional “Chain of Custody” procedures and send the sample to our laboratory service for full analysis and confirmation of the particular substance abused.

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